Program Overview:

Our T-Ball program runs on Saturday mornings throughout the year. The class introduces participants to the basics of T-ball/baseball. Participants learn the fundamentals of throwing, catching, hitting, fielding, running bases as well as learning basic field strategies. 


The format of the class follows a parent involvement method that allows the participants to be comfortable learning the skills from the instructor. The beginning of the session (first 3-4 classes) will consist of skill development with each class focusing on a new skill. After all skills have been covered the class will play in T-Ball games for the remainder of the session.


Bats, T-Balls, and helmets are provided as well as gloves if needed, however it is recommended that participants have his or her own glove (please be sure to label any equipment you bring).


Participants will be divided into 2 age groups for teaching purposes:


Minors 3-4 year olds 9:00 am


Minors classes will focus more on development of ability, such as throwing, catching, hitting, etc. as these are an essential foundation for any young player. Instructors ask for heavy parent involvement to make for an easy transition into the class.


Majors 5, 6 , & 7 year olds 10:00 am


Majors classes will move more quickly than the minors, as the primary focus will be to teach participants the basics of the game and get them to play. Parent involvement will be more relaxed, as to develop more of a team atmosphere among the participants.



2017 Session Offerings

  • Current Session: April 1st - May 27th (April 22nd OFF)
  • Next Session: June 3rd - July 29th (July 8th OFF)


For more information please contact us by e-mail at info@nhsportsplex.com or call 603-641-1313